Luke Frost
Tate St Ives



Peter Davies - Somerville Gallery 2005
Since the millennium he has exhibited with increasing regularity both locally and in the metropolis, a situation reminding us of Viv Lawes' observation in the 'Guardian' newspaper of an art " >>>>

Susan Daniel - McElroy - Art Now Cornwall Tate St Ives 2007
The pristine surfaces of these architectonic paintings bear the hallmarks of American post - Abstraction and conceptual practice as they nod in the direction of Barnett Newman and >>>>

Tate St Ives Artist In Residence Catalogue 2009 
Foreword By Sara Hughes / Martin Clark

Matthew Collings Tate St Ives Artist In Residence Catalogue 2009
The facts. Big paintings -- diptychs (two big squares) -- triptychs (three horizontal long narrow sections) -- small cardboard ones that look like tryouts but have a charm of their own >>>>

Tony Godfrey - Tate St Ives Artist In Residence Catalogue 2009
A cursory glance at one of Luke Frost's paintings may well lead us to the mistaken assumption that these are paintings like those made long ago in the Sixties: very flat, abstract >>>>

Tony Godfrey - Beaux Arts 2010
I belong to the last generation of English people who as children were made to stand in the corner when the teacher decided we had been naughty. Yet the term lingers in our language – my children recognise what Martin Kippenberger is ". >>>>

Michael Klein - 'Painting in Parts' Maryland Art Place, USA 2011
Painting in Parts is about Minimal art and the impact the movement has  >>>>